1:76 Scale The Smallest Fully-Proportional RC in the World!!!

Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC

Order Here today and race by next week, or in a Few Days when you Order with Prime today

Supra C73
There are 3SPEED settings This is barley 50% Power 😉

After a 45min full charge and 30min run time This RC is ready to enjoy! Grerat gift for the the big kids in the family(14yr and older); though, everyone will enjoy watching you drive the worlds smallest Fully Proportional RC Car like a pro!

Professional RC Hobbyist, racers, car enthusiast, even someone just looking to turn off the TV and video game or need something fun to do during a work break will LOVE THIS CAR. The boys and girls from the 80’s-90’s who had Game Boy Pockets, Hot Wheels Cars, Polly Pockets, and a pocket full of Quarters for the Arcade will not be able to get enough! These RC’s are getting more and more recognition everyday.

Grab a few for your family and friends & let the racing began!

Eclips C72

I am grateful to my brother from another mother and his father for bringing me into the true world of Hobbyist RC’s; with me for life, its 100% something I’ll be pass down to my kids to enjoy someday :).

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