It would be a loss to take someone back who slandered your name behind your back, who used violence and verbal abuse to control your emotions & actions

Fuck those types of people!

It’s hard to accept that there are people who feel joy from hurting others but they do exist, my kind heart people. Do you best recognize that type of energy before things get out of hand, and stay far far away from them.

Forgive, but remember this, leave the 1st time someone shows you that they have no boundaries to the damage they’d do to you.

– I feel you Johnny Depp, there are a lot of men who keep quite about the abuse woman cause to them because nobody listens to a man in when he’s in a relationship with a woman, they think shes always the prize he won. Nah brah 😒 FOH!

Not all woman are the same, just like not all men are the same

Fix your crown my kind hearted brother’s and sisters. Know your worth! Value your life. Stand up for yourself and others who are getting pushed around! Don’t do it to look good, do it to do good!

…And on that note, I’ll Check ya’ll out next tiiiime, peace!


Published by ifyoufocus

Thank you!

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