…bringing with you the strength of your spirit began doing what you’d love to do for hobby into loving waking up everyday to raise the vibration and frequencies your tribe.

“Hobbies up, Phones Down!”



Have you been feeling weird feelings in your body latey?

Have you been hear voices in you head other than yours?

Please listen to this VIDEO they are doing this to me in my city right now, even as I TYPE. I shit you not!

They are sending frequencies to me every time I eat a meal to cause me the feeling of choking to control my eating habits. Its obvious how hard this is to prove though now thanks to this video I am 100% sure! Please watch especially if you live in a major city.

Beware! The best advice I can give is know thyself. They use Voice of GOD technology to speak to you from no less than a mile away though they may be closer than you think; HAVE NEW NEIGHBORS?

They are also using StingRay Technology to watch your every smallest movement!

Its seems like there is an agenda to attack people who are spiritual students! I have witness all types of people involved; ranging from all ages of people who participate in “street theater.”

I will up date you with more information as I go on.

Three Keys to Hobbies

Those who’ve come to love spending time with themselves often times find much joy in the activities that seemingly lead …nowhere?; most times some see these things as something that only brings personal delight, “call it a ‘hobby!'”

Everyone has something that gives to movement what ignites the spark in our soul! How have you found yours?

There are some that where passed down family generation after generation.

Many that sought though different spaces and avenues of interest. Then there are sadly, even more that fear eyes of main-stream judgement.

… I’m of the feeling that everyone should have their own “thing” thats unique to them. {Exmp: everyone can follow the instructions on cooking a meal but each cooks dish will have something distinguished about their flavor.}

Here are three key ingredients that makes hobbies expansive and exciting!