Let it Be, Real Tears

if a stranger brings you an umbrella, just know they know and they appreciate your strength. Pay it forward.

MsSunday Driverway [muiscVideo] featuring worlds smallest rc car

An Introduction to TurboRacing1:76 scale…

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“For me music and the soul can sorta line up, almost one in the same. I strive to use my words as tools to express deeper thoughts and emotions that are difficult put into, well, words. lol …while at the same as words formulate in my mind, so do the songs, lyrics, and music of those I’ve heard who have something deeper and even borderline mystical to say.”

It All Chakras Up to You…

Watch these if you’re interested in learning more about your body, where key energy points are located in the body and how the spirit empowers & expresses itself through them; mind, body and soul!

*This is only the tip of the ice-burg. There is so much more exciting info to learn about ourselves from the inside-out… I see why they didn’t teach us this in traditional schooling(indoctrination). If you knew how specific, special, and powerful you were created a slave-class/poor-class would not exist… keep an open mind; get to “know thyself” or be enslaved by the power-hungry, greedy, and love lacking who don’t hesitate nor see a problem with using our own ignorance against us.


To save our souls

If all the militaries around the world one day decided to put down the weapons and grabbed a shovle, crime would end and our children would have a future we’d be proud to raise them in.

Any hungry, and frightful human is capable of many hurndous things to not starve. The knowing of imitate starving to death would make anyone contemplate robbing steeling to live.

Take away the poison and the healing begins.

To make this idea even more clear. If everyone had full free access to “food” like nature intended, Noone would have a reason to quarrel.

Does the Squirrel have to pay another Squirrel for or water or something to eat to stay alive. No.

How are we smarter, if we make each other pay for something that was created for us all to live free?

Is it not that all we’d have to do is manage it properly.

Think of your favorite fruits, favorite salads, or vegetables in any dish as close and as available as a Micky D’S cheese burger….

Could we not teach our children how to grow and harvest each year with billions of families around the world together?

Where would we lack?

The studies are there and proven, time and time again…eat healthy live healthy

Better than any pill they’d subscribe to you…

“Let food be thy medicine”

Heal the stomachs, and the minds, of all the people on earth.

Be free πŸ•Š We free πŸ’ͺ🏽

If You We Focused 🌌


It would be a loss to take someone back who slandered your name behind your back, who used violence and verbal abuse to control your emotions & actions

Fuck those types of people!

It’s hard to accept that there are people who feel joy from hurting others but they do exist, my kind heart people. Do you best recognize that type of energy before things get out of hand, and stay far far away from them.

Forgive, but remember this, leave the 1st time someone shows you that they have no boundaries to the damage they’d do to you.

– I feel you Johnny Depp, there are a lot of men who keep quite about the abuse woman cause to them because nobody listens to a man in when he’s in a relationship with a woman, they think shes always the prize he won. Nah brah πŸ˜’ FOH!

Not all woman are the same, just like not all men are the same

Fix your crown my kind hearted brother’s and sisters. Know your worth! Value your life. Stand up for yourself and others who are getting pushed around! Don’t do it to look good, do it to do good!

…And on that note, I’ll Check ya’ll out next tiiiime, peace!

1:76 Scale The Smallest Fully-Proportional RC in the World!!!

Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC

Order Here today and race by next week, or in a Few Days when you Order with Prime today

Supra C73
There are 3SPEED settings This is barley 50% Power πŸ˜‰

After a 45min full charge and 30min run time This RC is ready to enjoy! Grerat gift for the the big kids in the family(14yr and older); though, everyone will enjoy watching you drive the worlds smallest Fully Proportional RC Car like a pro!

Professional RC Hobbyist, racers, car enthusiast, even someone just looking to turn off the TV and video game or need something fun to do during a work break will LOVE THIS CAR. The boys and girls from the 80’s-90’s who had Game Boy Pockets, Hot Wheels Cars, Polly Pockets, and a pocket full of Quarters for the Arcade will not be able to get enough! These RC’s are getting more and more recognition everyday.

Grab a few for your family and friends & let the racing began!

Eclips C72

I am grateful to my brother from another mother and his father for bringing me into the true world of Hobbyist RC’s; with me for life, its 100% something I’ll be pass down to my kids to enjoy someday :).