“Listen to the innerself that’s knows the truth of your heart…now adays our minds can be high-jack and manipulated far far beyond what is mainstream knowledge of technology and A.I. You don’t know what they don’t tell you. Guard your mind, lead with the heart and soul.”


“It’s not as easy being a man as we all tend to think. A man at some point becomes aware that he could break most anything or mess something up; men learn a skilled dance of dominance and light-heartedness especially if the woman are around “


Human souls rushing to jobs… obligating 8 hrs of sunshine doing another work; They’re at home …watching the news…?

“When I was a kid there were those kids willing to do homework for some money and lots of kids asking them to…

there was some not wanting to do their own thinking gearing toward that homework was a waste of time.

…Some kids got away with it and passed with flying colors, filling the pockets of the ‘smart kids’.

Some kids got B’s, C’s and an occasional A.

Some kids drop out and some study ‘school’.”

ifyoufocus work?

At what cost to you is it to pay attention, what do you willing to pay?