Where There’s a Will There’s a Way


“Do You Have The Will to Succeed?”

Hi, guys and gals, my name is Will, I am the Owner of ifyoufocus.com. Here at if you focus we provide awesome content for returning visitors while at the same time, we use our platform to provide fair and affordable services for our business-minded crowd.

Let us be your promotion & marketing team. We will run a dedicated website blog post(s) and/or Instagram shout-out(s) campaign to help drive traffic to your brand/website/music/band/business/social media accounts/Youtube Channel, products, services and or events on our website for up to 30days* (Limited Space. First come first serve. Act Now!)

Starting for as low as $19.99per order 🙂


…or try one of our

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Let us know what you want to accomplish. We will assess what is needed to give you the best type of exposure from start to finish of campaign. “Team Work Makes the Dream Work.” Fair Pricing.

Serious inquiries only. Complete the form below for assessment & quote. Thank You.

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 Learn how-to-grow your Instagram following organically. Reach new potential clients/customers and(or) become “Insta-famous!”


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