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my name is Will. I’m a creative from New Jersey. who is passionate about producing music, fitness, and messing with anything with wheels! My mission is to create, share impossible ideas(lol) & add more inspirational in the world of arts and health by the means of quotes, poems, music, stories, connections, hobbies and more.

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For about 14 years, I’ve been trying, though, with not much success, working in different job fields to find where I fit best. lately I’ve been working my way into the entrepreneurial path; “it’s time to take off.” Honing in on my craft to become a full-time creative. Experience has taught me most; take risk, do the things that may seem corny, because not knowing what makes us happy is way worst.” …My best days are filled with adventures in nature. I enjoy promoting awesome ideas, people, exercising, producing music, eating tasty meals, finding and enjoying “the balanced things in life” 🙂 Read more

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