I like to think about a quote from a StarWars movie, ” fear clouds the judgement.” From that we can understand that fear does not serve as the best energy to use as our source for motion. Using an energy that works from a place of love and gratitude is a higher energy vibration/frequency andContinue reading “IT’S TIME TO STEP OUT OF FEAR ūüė®”

“The Lone Wolf”

Motivational Video of The Day Sometimes it gets¬†lonely on the way to the top. I think it is because everyone has their own individual journey¬†that they must go on, to lose themselves¬†and then find themselves. The good news though is if you so choose to take this journey¬†you will in the end never be alone.Continue reading ““The Lone Wolf””

“Whats Going On?”

We all love technology, we can argue¬†that the world¬†is better with it than without it. But, here is the kicker…are the ones who created it selling us out? This was one question that was raised in my mind while listening¬†to this interview with Max Igan. GOOD STUFF!

“Just do It”

Inspirational Video of The Day Sometimes you just have to let go and just do your thing. Here’s is full 1-minute+ Shia Labeouf video that went viral about, “Just Do It!” turn your dreams into reality.¬† You can do it! If you focus, you will succeed.

“Do you Love Bass”

Music of The Day It’s Friday Baby!… It’s a good day to feel alive every day. But since most people in the world work Monday – Friday, I think worldwide Fridays Vibes are at an all-time High! So,¬†let’s join in on the fun! Have a listen to one of my favorite DJ’s Spinning¬†that awesome HouseContinue reading ““Do you Love Bass””

The Last Video You Have to Watch In 2017

Motivation of the Day Click Here Pick up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk Book “Crushing It”¬†to learn how entrepreneurs build their business and influence¬†and- How you can, too.