“Get Back Up”

Motivational Video of The Day

Once you fall it can be a huge let down on yourself. Self-doubt has an eerie was of creeping into your heart, mind, body & soul. It could feel like the weight of the world is But where do we go from there? Do we allow ourselves to continue this downward spiral? No! Now, this is the best time to dust our shoulders off and RISE again.

check out this awesome motivational video to help you get back on your feet and tilt your head towards the skies.



“10 Signs You Will Make it Big One Day”

Video of The Day

If you ever wondered if you were going to be successful one day, check out the awesome video by InfiniteWaters (Ralph Smart) to find out if you have signs of making it big one day.

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“The Lone Wolf”

Motivational Video of The Day

Sometimes it gets lonely on the way to the top. I think it is because everyone has their own individual journey that they must go on, to lose themselves and then find themselves. The good news though is if you so choose to take this journey you will in the end never be alone. You will find the right people that will walk alongside you whilst they follow their own.

“Whats Going On?”

We all love technology, we can argue that the world is better with it than without it. But, here is the kicker…are the ones who created it selling us out? This was one question that was raised in my mind while listening to this interview with Max Igan. GOOD STUFF!

“Just do It”

Inspirational Video of The Day

Sometimes you just have to let go and just do your thing. Here’s is full 1-minute+ Shia Labeouf video that went viral about, “Just Do It!” turn your dreams into reality.  You can do it! If you focus, you will succeed.

“Do you Love Bass”

Music of The Day

It’s Friday Baby!… It’s a good day to feel alive every day. But since most people in the world work Monday – Friday, I think worldwide Fridays Vibes are at an all-time High!

So, let’s join in on the fun! Have a listen to one of my favorite DJ’s Spinning that awesome House Music that gets all those booties moving. Let’s Get It!

“The Secret to Manifestation”

Learn Something New of the Day

Watch & listen to this interesting video about the secrets of manifestation and how you can use it to create quicker.


“Want to be Happy?”

Inspirational Video of the Day

Check out this awesome Ted Talk by David Steindl-Rast about being happy. “It’s not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.”

“How to Pass The Test”

Quote of The Day

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

~Paulo Coelho

Wills thoughts

Sometimes in life, things happen and can get to the point where the thoughts of “why me?” comes to fill the mind. In my experience, I have learned that when this happens it just means its time to take control of your mind and your inner self-talk. I have found that the best way to do this is to simply do something that can take your mind off the problem.

There are many ways to do this. You can do it by focusing on your breathing, listening to music, reading, looking at pictures or watching a video. For me, music has always been one of the best ways to do this, preferably a song that makes me feel good or empowered. When I put on an empowering song it quickly reprograms my mind into a more positive state. By putting the mind in a more positive state anything seems possible and this gives you the energy to not give up, to keep trying for a more desired outcome. If you focus on the positive you will achieve the positive.

The Last Video You Have to Watch In 2017

Motivation of the Day

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“Not Backing Down”

New Music!!!

2018 is almost here. Face all fears and crush this year!

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Listen here on Sound Cloud. Thank You.

Where There’s a Will theres a Way

Need some fresh sounds to go with your awesome projects or videos? Drop me a line…




“They Say”

Music of The Day

Live song performed by Common ft Kanye West  in 2005- “They say”

When you start to come into the alignment of who you really are people are always going to have something to say negative about how you outgrow their perception of you.

They don’t fully understand and it’s not meant to fully understand your journey(it’s yours); just as it’s not meant for you to fully understand theirs. Keep being you and doing what you love. Let no one hold you back. Though, show everyone respect & the right people will come into your life and stay. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

“The Awakening Full Documentary”

Woke AF Video of The Day

This is a great video for anyone who wishes to better understand the world we live in and how if we want to see true change in the world we must start by facing our individual selves first. Very interesting video & deep topics.

Kanye West – All Falls Down ft,

Cover Song of The Day (Drums)

Hi guys, Thanks for stopping by. Starting a new “Cover song(s)” segment on here to showcase some of my talents and have fun.

Orginal Song Here.

Comment names of songs you’d like to see me cover next 🙂