“For me music and the soul can sorta line up, almost one in the same. I strive to use my words as tools to express deeper thoughts and emotions that are difficult put into, well, words. lol …while at the same as words formulate in my mind, so do the songs, lyrics, and music ofContinue reading “Clas–sic”

It All Chakras Up to You…

Watch these if you’re interested in learning more about your body, where key energy points are located in the body and how the spirit empowers & expresses itself through them; mind, body and soul! *This is only the tip of the ice-burg. There is so much more exciting info to learn about ourselves from theContinue reading “It All Chakras Up to You…”

That’ll balance this sheet out! πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚️Lol.

“Create a company where the CEO and the Employees have the same salary, benefits, and do the same jobs.” – ifyouwefocus ‘CEO’: “I need some extra shifts.” ‘Employee’: “Take mine, I’m taking next week off.”

life experience…

: is, knowledge gained through looking inside yourself for answers; doing things with the divine gift of life, trusting the ups & downs of your growth process. “when you can, make time to take your time. experience playing on level one until you’re able to achieve an 100% score every session ..may make the nextContinue reading “life experience…”