MsSunday Driverway [muiscVideo] featuring worlds smallest rc car

An Introduction to TurboRacing1:76 scale… Also on Amazon Also on Amazon Also on Amazon Also on Amazon All photos are clickable links to the products, if you make a purchase through my links I will receive a small commission. All proceeds to be used to keep this website rocking, rolling and creating more for youContinue reading “MsSunday Driverway [muiscVideo] featuring worlds smallest rc car”


“For me music and the soul can sorta line up, almost one in the same. I strive to use my words as tools to express deeper thoughts and emotions that are difficult put into, well, words. lol …while at the same as words formulate in my mind, so do the songs, lyrics, and music ofContinue reading “Clas–sic”

It All Chakras Up to You…

Watch these if you’re interested in learning more about your body, where key energy points are located in the body and how the spirit empowers & expresses itself through them; mind, body and soul! *This is only the tip of the ice-burg. There is so much more exciting info to learn about ourselves from theContinue reading “It All Chakras Up to You…”

1:76 Scale The Smallest Fully-Proportional RC in the World!!!

Turbo Racing 1:76 Scale RC Order Here today and race by next week, or in a Few Days when you Order with Prime today After a 45min full charge and 30min run time This RC is ready to enjoy! Grerat gift for the the big kids in the family(14yr and older); though, everyone will enjoyContinue reading “1:76 Scale The Smallest Fully-Proportional RC in the World!!!”