“Custom-Made Artsome”

Hi, Guys and Gals, my name is WIll. My personal favorite quote is from a researcher named Brene Brown -“Creativity is how I share my soul with the world.” I plan to live a life centered around doing what brings me the most joy; being creative, sharing and inspiring others.

Here is an opportunity to give back in a way that I hope will inspire people to find and love their own creative voices.

How to Receive a “Custom Artsome Shout-out”

[For the chance to receive a free shout-out follow @ifyoufocus on Instagram where one  account gets chosen for a FREE “Custom Artsome Shout-out” per week.]

to schedule a shout-out

Fill out the short form to send in your request then continue on to details below.

Serious Inquiries Only 

or Direct Message me on Instagram @ifyoufocus for all Request.

Details & Donations

Set your own price!

This is a service completely FREE for all of the @ifyoufocus Instagram followers. If you’d wish to see the type of service continue please consider making a donation of any amount upon completion of the shoutout. Thank You! 🙂

 “custom-made artsome shout-outs” examples you see here below

Click Here – to make a donation through my personal PayPal.

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Every piece is a custom-work; it will be personalized for the individual(s) account. Then give you a creative original customized artwork that will feature your account in front of thousands.

*Honesty is the best policy* I am not personally responsible for the growth of your account. “You can lead a horse to the water but you can not make them drink.” That to say anyone can choose to follow your account or not.

Thank You

All donations go towards keeping this service available and the continuation of the creation of content. If you wish to just show support you can simply choose to donate to my Safe and easy PayPal account by Clicking Here.


In Addition

…If you wish to learn how to I’ve successfully grown my Instagram account to 8000 followers in 7 months at a rate of about 100+ followers per day, contact me to schedule a live 1-on-1 skype session to ask me anything. – Contact Me Here

Thank You, Much Love & Appreciation!

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