You can’t handle the Truth ?

…so they say.

When fiction becomes more stranger than reality as my thoughts began to form questions about our reality; …This video is going viral right now and after watching it I can see why. Also, YouTube is allegedly looking to and has “delete it” before! If it gets removed from my blog I guess we know why. My thing is, don’t focus on the negatives. Learn from them. Seek truth and understanding always.

My Questions after watching…

  • Who’s word would you believe more about what’s going on behind the scenes the stuntman or the actor ?
  • What happen when the hammer hits the blacksmith ?
  • Where does the healing began ?
  • When did we forget that could stand-up for ourselves and others ALWAYS ?
  • Why is this truth going to set the world free?

if this blog post gets 20 likes I will do a video answering these questions posted down below. Thank You.


Published by ifyoufocus

Thank you!

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